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We understand that choosing the right primary school for your child is of the upmost importance, so thank you for considering the Priory School for your child. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you.


Our school prospectus is a good place to start, holding lots of information about life at the Priory School.


Please see below for further information on how to find out more about the school and how to join our school community.


Open Events

We would really like you to see our school in action, so you can make an informed view of what we can provide for your child. This is why we offer open events during the school day rather than in the evening, allowing you to see each and every class in action.

Our open days include a short presentation by the Headteacher, followed by a tour of the school with our Year 6 prefects and time spent in our EYFS base. There will also be an opportunity to talk to the school SENCO to discuss any additional needs you may want to explore further.

Places must be booked in advance (limited to 30 per session) by phoning the school office on 01202 484105 or emailing

We currently do not have any open events schedules, so please contact the school office to arrange a visit.

We look forward to meeting you.

How to Apply

We hope to be able to offer a place for your child in the Autumn term after their fourth birthday. Space permitting, we would also welcome applications for in-year transfers (moving from another school). We are happy to consider applications from out of our catchment area. Our class size is 30 and, in the event of oversubscription, we offer places according to the criteria set out in our Admissions Policy.

Admissions are managed by BCP Council, and all the information required for an application is available on their Parent Portal, which also includes a detailed guide on how the application process works. The published closing date for admission to reception is 15 January 2024.

You may also contact the BCP Admissions Team on 01202 127963 or email them.

Further Information

Applications for a Delayed Entry

Our process for responding to requests for admissions to a year group outside a child’s normal age group (including delayed admission to reception for summer born children) is detailed in our Admissions Policy appendix. There are application forms for a delayed entry to Reception for summer-born children and for placing a child in a year group outside their normal age group.

In all cases of deferred or delayed entry requests, please contact the school for a discussion with the Headteacher.


You have the right to appeal a refusal to offer your child a place at the Priory School, as long as you have:

a) applied for a place

b) not been offered a higher preference school

Please do contact the school to make us aware of your intentions. You will be directed to the BCP Council schools appeal website for the relevant forms and information.

The school's appeals timetable details when appeals can be lodged and when they will be heard.

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